Making money with apps. (what app gurus are not telling you)

It has been an amazing April…. wait, it was been an amazing year, right?fishingmeme

I have cried thinking I was defeated, I almost gave up climbing Kilimanjaro, I never though a mastermind in Philippines could change my life and I didn’t expect to grow my business as much as it has so far this year.

My app income this month is up 20% , launched a few new Udemy courses, getting ready to fly to Singapore to speak at Casual connect, and have improved my paddle board skills with my little Dominic sitting with me.

But regardless the numbers and the random events, this month I was blessed with the start of my app coaching. A coaching that includes 16 amazing apptrepreneurs willing to work hard towards achieving their dreams.

These 16 amazing humans have though me more lessons that I have provided them so far…. I’m humbled and lucky to work with people that are looking to improve their future… to build something… to do SOMETHING with their life, instead of waiting for life to tell them what to do.

In the last days I have been thinking about how complex the app industry biz is, and how many times we all are ready to quit…. also it kills me to realize how many gurus in this egocentric app industry never tell you the reality about what building a proper business is all about.

Gurus that put profits vs honesty – simply makes me realize there is the need in this industry to bring some new blood, some real change.

We don’t read about discipline, about those putting the long hours, about the ones that have been defeated… about the ones that have lost thousands of dollars and feel sad and frustrated.

You don’t read that in sales pages… you don’t read that when the gurus are are trying to sell you the next magic solution…. you don’t read the importance of balance, of dedication, of the right set of mind…. nobody talks about a potential defeat could happen… even if we buy that “unique” source code or that one time super solution that will bring us sudden success.

I need to be honest: The app industry it’s not easy, this is not a biz where you buy your path to financial freedom by using a service provider, a software or a certain scheme. (or ASO !!!!)

To find success in this, like in any other project in life, there is the need to take a serious leap of faith. For me, this is in a business, that requires energy, long hours, passion, concentration, and a dramatic amount of brutal hard work and dedication….

So in this latest podcast,  I talk about mindset, realities, working hard, defeats and fishing….

Enjoy the podcast


$20.000 per month and happy working from home

Some people are good, some people are kind, some people are hard workers. Ob Oberon is all that an even more.ob-legend

I had the pleasure to meet this dude in my ASO workshop in Thailand, not only an inspiring Apptrepreneur, but a father, a visionary and a dam hard worker.

I caught up with Ob while we worked in the launch of my new company and I knew I had to interview him… from nothing to more than $20.000 per month, Ob is an example many of us have to follow.

Tell us who you are and how did you started in the app industry?

I’m just an ordinary man who used to work 9 am – 5 pm as a software engineer for Reuters.
I decided to start my own company after 6 years in Reuters. My service used to be software development and most of my clients are the government organizations.
I was getting bored quickly after just 1 year…. supporting some (stupid) users wasn’t fun. Moreover, it took time and I feel exactly the same as I work as an employee. Nothing changed! One more reason is I knew that I’m going to have a kid. So I’ve started to look for another business that be able to give me more time with family. I found the “App Empire” book by Chad Mureta and decide to jump into the app industry after reading his book.

How did you selected your existing niche and why?

I started with something I love. My hobby was photography. So I decided to develop one photography app. It’s was first app in the app store. Unfortunately there was no source code for sale and there was a huge lack of the resources at that time, so I’ve just studied and developed it by myself. It took a few months to finish my first app. Anyway, I’ve started to see the trends in the photo & video category, it’s certainly my niche. I’ve developed a lot more photography apps and they’re one of my main income now.

How many hours do you work for week?

I’ve been working as a one man show for almost 2 years before changing my business strategy. I worked at least 6-8 hours a day during that 2 years. Fortunately, I’ve met some good friends who willing to share and give me very useful advice about outsourcing. I decided to outsource more because I need more time with my son and family. I’m now working only 2 hours a day after my son went to bed. So it’s only 2 x 5 days = 10 hours a week, no work during the weekend. It’s the beautiful of outsourcing!

Your business changed dramatically in the last 4 months, what did you change?

I changed the “system”. To be honest, it’s only one thing that I changed but it takes my business to another level. Both of my revenue and download number are dramatically increasing. My productivity is beyond my imagination.
My old “system” is one man show because I can do everything by myself. I can do coding, designing, marketing, submitting app, etc. “EVERYTHING”!

The pros of doing it by myself is that I could cut down the cost but it’s was very slow, and hard to scale any business in that way. To be honest, I started outsourcing since my second years in the app business but I didn’t achieve success until the 4 months with this new “system” has become my own “app factory”.

My work is achieve a level of market research that makes money. I outsource all other tasks that I can…  . I could say this factory system changes my life.

How financial success has changed your lifestyle?

My lifestyle has changed since I was leaving from Reuters.
I now work as entrepreneur instead of employee. (By the way, I still work everyday since the morning to night!) But this level of financial success as an appreneur has changed my lifestyle again. Instead of working all day, everyday I wake up I be with my son all day. I work only 2 hours a day after my son goes to bed…. I’m so happy that I can be a good dad who can take care of his  son and have enough quality time with him.

Compare to other parents that have to work from 9 am – 5 pm and have time for their kid only before their kid wake up or after the kid went to bed. I could say that this lifestyle is certainly for my son.

Why do you think Apptreprenerus fail? What are they doing it wrong?

Speaking from my experience that I knows a lot of apptrepreners in the same business. I’ve fail in some states, so I believe I know why most of them fail in this business. There are so many reasons that makes them fail. e.g.

- They believe this industry is EASY, just buy the source code and look for the developers / designers and submit app, then get the money back. Trust me, it sounds EASY but it’s not EASY.

- They start BIG and fall in love with their apps idea. Spending a lot of money without proper market research is a real nightmare.

- They’re living with their dream. I see a lot of app that take 1 – 2 years in development and hope that it will make huge revenue and becomes the next angry birds! In my opinion, it’s risky.

- They don’t study the basic knowledge of this industry. If you don’t know anything, you’ll be charging $x,000 from develop something that can take just for 15 mins of work! If you have no idea how to deal with your outsource process you’ll fail very quickly instead of reach a good ROI.

There are MORE reasons for the people who fail in this business, but the main idea is they don’t have the right “ATTITUDE” and the right “SYSTEM” in place.

What do you think is the reason for your success?

There are 2 reasons for my success. The first one is “CONNECTIONS”, the second is “SYSTEM”.

The good connections means good friends with the same mindset. I
’m lucky that I have a lot of good friends who will to share very useful info to me. I’ve got a lot of good tips, tricks, suggestions. I’ve just apply those advices with my business and the it changed!

You can’t work alone in this business because it changes very quickly. Some tactics you can use last year might not available anymore in this year. You need to be in the good community to share with people. Contribute first, and you’ll get it back in some ways. The good system is also from the good connection. You’ll know how to setup the system when you’re in the right place, right community, good connection will take you there.

What is a normal day in your life as a father and apptrepreneur?

I’m SO happy to share this with you Gab:
Here is my everyday…. I wake up and be with my son since the morning until he went to bed. I work for 2 hours a day after he went to bed. The money keep coming in my bank. The app works for me 24 hours a day. My system keep producing the app for me, non-stop. As a father I have “quality time” for my son. As an apptrepreneur I have “steady income” for my son. Yeah,… ALL for my son. :)

What is the best and the worse thing of the app industry?

The BEST thing is the extraordinary lifestyle for my family and my son. I have time for them and still have a good income from the app industry.

The WORSE thing is the loneliness. I’m alone when doing this app business. There is not a lot people to chat & share, totally different from the lifestyle when I used to work for company. By the way, it’s better when I’ve found the right place, right community. I’ve met a lot of good friends in this industry. I could say that it’s another world for me. I’m so happy to be in this business.

Raki Bench 5 months to App Factory Success

How long it takes to achieve success?rakibench
For Raki Bench took 5 months since the day we met…

When I met Raki he had everything he needed to succeed in the app store… only one thing was missing: The Mindset + the system.

I love this interview because Raki is not only an awesome friend but I recorded this podcast live here at Phuket – and that, rocks…

Raki is the perfect case of how the app biz is a process and you don’t achieve success taking shortcuts.
Pay attention to his story… and discover how he failed by not having a proper system and how the right system and approach to his apps factory changed more or less his life. (literally)


5 Lessons I learned from the App Industry

I launched my coaching 4 days ago…. I was planning to launch this podcast5lessons to announce the coaching but funny wise my coaching is now 90% booked now (only 2 spots left).
Regardless: here is the podcast where I reveal 5 things I wished I knew 12 months ago from this crazy, exciting and unique app industry.

1. Fast Roi

I found that the Return of Investment in the app industry, is very very fast. Considering that I come from a background of internet marketing and knowing how long it takes to build, rank and monetize sites, I still believe apps are the most attractive investment at the moment.

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Daily Struggles of Making Profit from Apps (Podcast #5)

Reskinging is not easy… and many of my listeners, readers, have a lot of questions.ryankelley
Before I left to my trip to Thailand and the Philippines, I had a skype call with Ryan Kelley about my business, his business and the challenges of making money apps and how to tackle the whole process to achieve a good profit level.

This is a long show where you can here Ryan asking me some very important questions about my organization and my philosophy behind building apps.

Enjoy the show


Midmonth App Income Report – Why bother?

Why bother building apps?domi1

well because is exciting and it pays off

Although I had a pretty low February income report… after a few drops, the income hasn’t really drop to a point where I feel like “this makes no sense” anymore.

At the moment I have 4 accounts:

  • In App Purchase Account 1: $486.90     Paid Purchase $173.05   In app Purchase  $313.86
  • In App Purchase Account 2: $651.31    Paid Purchase    $0.00   In app Purchase  $651.31
  • In App Purchase Account 3: $78.87    Paid Purchase    $47.64   In app Purchase $31.22
  • In App Purchase Account 4  $336.68    Paid Purchase   $180.69    In app Purchase $155.99    :
  • Overall income first 17 days of the month of Paid Purchase and In App Purchase 1553.76
  • Chartboost income: $616.05
  • Revmob Income:  $708.20

Total income before the end of St Patrick day: $2878

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Making Money with Casino Apps – Meet the Dude in charge

brunoWhen I met Bruno, I realized that this guy was not a real entrepreneur, but he had that passion, that only us…. South Americans have when looking for awesome opportunities in the app store.

So today I want to introduce him to you… this is not only a very smart app “producer” but I love the way he has focus this energy in specific niches. His productivity, speed and hard work are inspiration to all us.

World: Meet Mr Bruno Silas

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Moving to Android and Increasing the stakes

What is I decide to play this game a bit more serious? At the moment the revenue is a mess… ups and downs… downs and ups…

Am I sad?


Am I super happy?


One of the most difficult things of the app business is that is unpredictable… although the idea of passive income is nice… this is an emotional business. Everyone loves and hates something. Everyone blames me, you, the guy that makes money and they are fast to point the finger.

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The App Industry is like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro – Podcast #4

So before I launch my app income report in February …. I have decided to share what I learned topkiliduring my climb to Kilimanjaro…

But I couldn’t stop thinking about the co-relationship between Kilimanjaro and the app industry.

Climbing Kili is easy…. making money with Apps is easy… the problem is to keep doing it… while you face so many troubles and small small issues

Jerry Seinfeld’s Productivity System and how to apply it to App profits

[I wrote this article over 2 years ago, I decided to tweak it, while waiting for a plane in Dubai airport - & having a beer at a very unusual time of the morning]

Love Seinfeld… dam, who doesn’t love Seinfeld.seinfeld_jerry

In fact… I believe in not trusting people that don’t love Jerry Seinfeld. Period. ;)

That’s why I found so interesting the idea behind Seinfeld’s productivity secret. Mainly the story goes back when Brad Isaac a very smart developer and wanna-be comedian asked a while ago to Jerry his best tip to become a great comedian .

What Jerry Seinfeld answered was simple mind blowing.

Initially you expect Seinfeld to answer something like :

be funny, listen to more jokes, improve your acting, or write funnier than the other guys out there.

But Jerry’s answer was 100% perfect for anyone looking for a REAL answer:

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