Eating Whale Meat and How to Increase My App Income to 5K per month

 ”I’ll bet that  whale meat is goddamned delicious …”

When I was a scuba diving instructor I loved to tell the world how amazing dolphins and whales nastywhalewere.

In fact I used to encourage my students to donate some % of their open water course to save the whales, save the dolphins, Nemo, you name it.

One day while I was scuba diving with 3 students a massive wave came from nowhere taking us up 3 meters above the water.

It was a whale!!!! Oh my god I was so excited.

But the whale wasn’t so excited to see me….

To make the story short… the whale almost ended up killing me and my 3 terrified open water divers.

I felt a bit disappointment, I mean…
“hey whale! is me… your supporter number 1 in the world…… I have raised $$ to save your babies right? “

But the whale didn’t give a cr*p about me, in fact the bloody thing tried a second time to make her point . That beast was trying to kill us.

Nasty whale.

What I learned that day… The whale really didn’t care about me… and I bet if I was dying in the ocean she will not stop to save my sorry scuba *ss. I still like them, I love to see them jumping in the ocean, but I know that deep inside, they don’t care about me as much I may care about them ~ such is life, right?)

More about whales later on this post.

Haters Going to Hate. (Regardless)

As soon as I made my first post about my app factory strategy I got flooded with tons of “likes” and tons of “you are going to die in hell’ type of comments.

Although I love the likes… the negative stuff makes me curious.


I love how personal people get , how much involvement people really invest in a stupid post , written by someone across the world.

Let’s face it = I’m no one. (I don’t a tribe, I’m not a famous bloggers, hey, not even my mum  even really likes me)

My writing style is pretty horrible.
I don’t spend time with the “gurus”, I don’t have 10000 followers on Twitter and if you analyze my blog posts you can find horrible grammatical mistakes. Even in my “theories” may not make sense and if you consider me a joke and I bet you will be 100% right.

So why people even bother ?

I guess the bother because as humans we love to waste energy. We believe our toughs are always important and we let them control our actions and emotions.


And that’s what I find interesting, that someone can spend minutes and hours trying to “make a point” when making “that point” doesn’t change anything AT ALL.

And we do that stuff… all then time

- We watch TV shows that make no difference in our lives

- We eat stuff that brings nothing positive to our body

- We spend hours reading content that doesn’t transcend – that brings no value

- We waste time in social media channels that never bring us any real love or wisdom.

- We spend hours and hours on end with negative people

- We work in environments that are harmful for our emotional health …

…  and so on.


Is like the idea of eating Whale meat.

If I promote that I want to eat whale meat, and that whale mate is delicious… I would generate 1000 online enemies in a time frame of 3 hours.

whale11000 humans that will waste hours and hours of posting, sharing, commenting, attacking and ranting about “my idea” that eating whale meat is cool.

Easily I could steal hours of their collecting time in something that makes no difference to their lives, to the world and or the bloody whales.

Because the reality is:

- I do not own a whale

- I do not plan to feed my kids whale Burgers

- I’m 100% sure I can’t buy whale sausages in my local super market here in Australia.

- I don’t have the tools required to go Fishing for a whale in my local beach.

So why people even bother? (I ask again)

the reason? Because their brain want’s to protect their My Little Pony Rainbow Path idea


My Little Pony Rainbow Path

When I started my entrepreneur lifestyle… I looked at every single potential option for me to make money online.mypony

Initially I was just wanted to make some money, I was expecting a baby and I needed to make $1000 pronto to pay for baby products.

OH BOY I did everything, I went to Adsense , I did clickbank, affiliates,  flipping domains, ecommerce…  until eventually ended up with my own SEO consultancy building a prosper and interesting b2b business.

In 7 years I have witnessed what all the gurus, experts and master ninjas in the internet marketing world teach…   those dudes that are telling you that the sky is the limit and that you… you my fellow reader…  you are like a little pony.

you can achieve any rainbow you want, you just need to follow the right path…

The problem of being a little pony is that the gurus sell you the PATH to that beautiful rainbow , and is thanks to them that you are going to achieve greatness…(and you should be grateful to them, right? ;)

The funny thing is that we  really believe on the existence of “the path”, we believe those gurus will save us from failure… and in the same way we want to believe in UFOS, in Elfs, in the end of the world, in conspiracy theories, in unicorns, and in “systems” that will bring us success.

Humans are believers and when we get confronted, we tend to defend our dreams, our believes.

We become emotional animals, and we inject passion to our rhetoric … we feel that our dreams are precious and that is our duty to destroy, attack and prevent anyone to stop us reaching our rainbow.

And we do that because we love the idea of the rainbow and because believing in absurd things makes us humans.

The problem is that at some stage… our dreams… crash dramatically and we realize that may be, just may be we are not a little pony trying to reach the Rainbow. We are just like anyone else out there trying to make ends meet and finding the whole process difficult as hell.

When our dreams crash, we tend to do stupid thins, doubt ourselves, play video games for hours,drink-beer get angry with life… of if you were me back in April 2012… you had taken the path of drinking beer in the shower in a 5 star resort i Fiji… while crying and hoping for a sudden and painless death (I have to write about that story one day)

The truth is, nobody tell us about the painful part:
About the shit involved in the path to reach the rainbow, because on the courses, books and seminars we only buy the “path:, the “theories” and not the reality of how the world really works.

NOW… (if you are still reading) the interesting thing with us, lame humans is…:

That instead of spending energy to find the our OWN path, the honest one,  we use our last source of energy to procrastinate about our own situation.

Why me? Why me ? Why me?????

Is just like my post about eating whale meat.

We become our own online trolls.crying
We complain about our previous decisions.
We hate what we did.
We regret buying that course.
We bitch about that developer in Odesk. that stole our money.
We wish we could go back in time…..
We blame our luck our life, our parents, you name it.

We all do it

I do it. Oh boy… I have a PHD in doing it…..  and that’s why by understanding how my mind affects my future I can decide only to focus on results, only focus on growth, only focus on what matters.

If You troll this post with negative stuff  (Like Eric from Questlord has done). I may reply 1 time, 2 times… there is a huge chance Eric “the trol”l will posting in this blog…  I will ignore it and keep moving.

Apple Rejects my app 1 time, 2 times, I keep trying, if I don’t find luck… I keep moving.

Low revenue in apps….I keep trying, I keep tweaking… I don’t whinge , I just keep swimming….

My own mental procrastination, my believe that life is fair and my fascination for those golden rainbows will never bring me to the right destination…


 How to Increase my App Income to 5K per month

I only have 15 days left before I fly to Africa to climb mount Kilimanjaro. (I’m nervous as hell)

… So I need to be efficient = fast, specially when this is not even my core business, this is just a fun, weird hobby. (can this become a business one day? Not sure, I doubt)

So far I have learned that my brain is the only reason why I can’t achieve the level success I want…. focusing is my biggest goal. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS …

and therefor I need organize my cupcake factory to be as efficient as possible.

I have seen/read a few comments with lovely sarcasm that claims the app factory idea brings very little income … and they are right. One cupcake makes very little.. many cupcakes make a difference.

I also have received long comments trying to start a discussion about the ethical factors of me producing apps without really loving “apps”.

(Usually this comments come from developers and not from business or entrepreneurs?)

But I still believe any comment about this experiment is a valid comment, even if the comment is build with some grams of trolling…. anyone that wants to spend their time commenting is more than welcome.


This comment from Tudor Iliescu made me smile…
So if the so far I have achieved to obtain $2.85 per day per app. That brings the revenue so far to almost $100 . Therefore I just need to do a very small increment to achieve $5000 per month.

I think one of the most interesting comments was post by Gregory Scott that is worth post here completely.

Gregory Storm Tudor Iliescu Spend a few moments googling diversification. If you think it’s better to have 1 app generating $100 per day than it is having a bunch of smaller apps generating $100 per day, you are in for disappointment for a few reasons. That $2.85 number can easily go up. All he’d need to do is increase each app’s revenue by $0.96 per day and he’ll make another 1,000 smackers per month. That’s basically one extra Chartboost install every 3 or 4 days. That’s assuming zero growth. Do you want one player to hit a home run but you loose the game or do you want every player to consistently get on base and you win the game? A $2.85 per app per day average on 35 apps is consistently getting on base and winning.
I like the idea of very small incremental improvements,  and it reminds me to what the locals have to said about climbing mount Kilimanjaro.
In Swahili they call it polepole , one step at the time:
slowly, gently, softly, quietly; be calm, take it quietly, don’t excite yourself, never mind

So the action plan is….


Stay Calm:

For real, do not let anything – anyone disturb you, just do your stuff. Be like Dexter Morgan ;) go out there and do the job just in time to come back for dinner.

Go back and review ASO.

Sorry but I have to talk about ASO. And with rankings is impossible not to wonder… did I do it right?
Seriously… I do this for a living, but I also know that until you do it and test it, you can’t really improve.
I wonder: is it worth to try to improve or is it better to build more and “see what happens”

Localize and Localize

 I find remarkable how lazy I am and that none of my apps are in Spanish.
Am I serious?
I mean… i speak the bloody language… but off course my mind keeps trying to send me back to the procrastination land of Facebook and Twitter instead of sitting down with a coffee, Google docs and start researching keywords in my native language.

Build better apps

Logical idea right Sherlock?
Well, by better apps I’m not talking about apps that will save the whales (screw whales) or apps that will will bring peace to the world.
Better for me (the cold heart app building monster) it means better performance, better playbility … something that you want to keep in your iPhone just a bit longer so hopefully I can make a few more cents from you the dear user.

 Re-invest in stuff nobody is doing.

Again my idea is to build apps that people will not build, in fact some of the apps I’m uploading this month are PAID (no free, no ads, 100% paid).
My theory is... if everyone claims paid apps are dead… then is time for me to do paid apps.
For me that that means, to consider obscure niches, to develop unusual apps and to remind my self is not about building sexy app that my ego will feel pride to show the world. I want to build cup cakes people want to eat.. that’s all… no romance or my little ponies here.


I believe I need to put a disclaimer here to all those hungry to get the blueprint.

What I’m doing here is to simplify the concept of profitability via app creation.

We can sit down one day in London, New York or Fiji and with a cold beer discuss the whole ethical and moral challenge of what is “quality” and the purpose of apps in the world….

but until we see each other face to face, my goal is not to discuss what you may consider what  quality is or not, what you consider an app should be or not, or what you think making money should be define by.

The idea of the app income report is to do 1 thing: REPORT INCOME – and that’s what I’m trying to do.

If in the meantime I wake some dreamers out and help some people struggling with their business… awesome.

If you feel hurt, affected or offended by my comments, my suggestion is to relax, and invite some of your friends for a nice Whale BBQ .

Remember: Work more. Stay Focus and Eat more whale meat…..

  • Karen

    I don’t understand why your comments, advice, sucess is bothering some people? I love your posts. You’re blunt, straight forward. No fluff. And it’s nice to hear a fellow appreneurs experience in the app world. Heck I’ve reskinned so many games and I’ve barely made anything back and all the themes/graphics are top notch. I localized the app. I marketed the apps. I got reviews for the apps. I’ve been doing exactly what everyone else has been doing. It’s time to change the game. It’s time for me to do what others aren’t doing. You’re absolutelt right, Gabriel. You did what others aren’t doing and you proved it by generating $5,000. To me, that’s great success in the first month! I don’t see why people are hating. We should infact support you for what you’re doing. Don’t let these guys bring you down. Continue what you’re doing and remain focused on your goals. You may have pissed a lot off (for whatever reason theyre pissed off at) but your blog really made a difference to one person. At a time when I was going to give up this whole app developement and reskinning, I came across your site which has given me a boost to not giveup. Keep on trying because the more methods and strategies I fail, the more closer I’m getting to a method that will work for me to be successful. Thanks for sharing Gabriel!