Why People Don’t Make Money with Apps

We complicate everything we do…

we usually want to believe that success is a complicated blueprint that only a few “lucky have” or that to achieve recurrent income, financial independence or profit in any business we need to find that magic Light Saver that only the gurus have.

We want to believe in the path… we want to believe we are Jedi masters fighting against the empire.

The reason?


dramaqueenDeep inside we love the drama of the aspiring entrepreneur and we seem to be chasing the eternal magic pill, the silver bullet….

Gurus sell us their formula, we paid thousands to learn from the masters, but may times the strategies of the masters fail us… the reason is not the strategy itself, the reason is that we are borrowing a blueprint created by someone else.

Thinking sucks, right?

And when we don’t achieve success?

We cry, we complain, we become the drama queens we so badly want to be… we go to Facebook and we rant, we want the world to tell us that is not our fault and that we are the unlucky ones…

The reason why so many fail in their app business is pretty logical :
Learning to be successful in business with a seminar, course, book or blueprint…  is like learning to make love by correspondence… – you may “learn” how to do it (in theory), but the first time you actually do it “for real’, your will freak out.


App Income Report

I started this site with the purpose of documenting how it is possible for the every day Joe to have a recurrent revenue stream app business that can help them to achieve small victories in life.

Making money with apps is the same as making money with cupcakes.
It is all a process. The more boring it is, the more effective you are. There is nothing blooding romantic about this.

You can complicate it as much as you want, or you can simplified it as much as you wish to.

But deep inside you can recap the whole business as :Cupcakes
- Get a cup cake recipe
- Choose a flavor
- Cook the Cupcakes
- Find buyers
- Sell them
- Make profit
- Rinse and repeat

Simple right?

Apps or cupcakes, the same premises remain, the same variables…

- You need to find a certain type of app you want to develop
- You need to choose a niche / angle
- You need to code it
- You need to deploy it and market it
- You need to obtain revenue
- You need to rinse and repeat.

The advantage of the Apps over the Cupcakes, is that cupcakes need to be cooked every time you want to sell one, apps no.

Apps are one of the most ideal ways of making passive income.
App gets uploaded and voila… even if your app sucks 100% that app has the potential to repaid itself… even if the app generates $1 to $5 per day.

Not great money right?
No really… but when you consider that the app may bring you that amount if revenue of a very prolong time… the proposition of building apps becomes financially interesting.

So why we over complicate it?

Any simplistic business concept becomes difficult, messy and complicate, once we let our brain sabotage simplistic ideas.

We are experts in making things more difficult than they really are.

(Personally In 2013 I had the worst year of my life, and I was emotional and let my brain mind f*ck me all over the place…. my brain/mind almost screw up my business, almost sank my life….)

That’s why I now believe that…

We hate to believe that success is easy and we love to believe the idea that good things come to those who wait… (we are romantics at heart)

Well, some times good things don’t come to those who wait. Good things happen to those that make shit happen.

Why the mercenary approach works so well

“    All of my friends were doing babysitting jobs. I wanted money without the job. – Adam Horwitz”

profitIf I tell you today that I couldn’t care less about apps really and that for me making apps is all about the revenue I can generate from those apps… you could easily will think I’m a heartless bastard trying to make money from this industry.
And you will be 100% right.

I don’t really LOVE apps. (omg what???)

I don’t wake up in the morning and run to download new apps. I don’t care how u even make apps, Xcode, Corona, Game Salad are all Chinese words for me.

What I love is to sell: I’m a sales man.

For me is all about the hustle… the trill… for me making $0.50 per day passive is more exciting that selling a $1000 ASO coaching to an app company – and I believe that’s the reason why I’m successful is …. – I don’t cry , I don’t stress, I don’t get angry against Apple or Google Play.

For me they are just channels…and for me this is a business, not a ‘passion”

Passion is good until you get stressed. Passion is good until you end up crying in the shower.
Don’t get me wrong, passion is great… but passion in business is not good.

Excitement is good. Passion can be dangerous.

Passion in making profit is good…. Passion in falling in love with 1 idea or 1 way of looking at things is the fastest way not to make money.

Use passion to improve yourself, use passion to achieve happiness with your family, use passion to become faster, better, stronger…

Be careful of passion towards “ideas”. Ideas are like currency,  they change of value in your brain constantly.

The less subjective (or more objective) I become towards the app business the more clarity I have when I see how things REALLY work.

Clarity brings the real understanding that profits is the most important part of any business and that if my app business doesn’t bring a clear ROI then there is no point to produce those apps.
And the reason is…


It seems we are all scared of saying that loud.

Try it yourself, go to your local mall and scream I love money…. And see people looking at you with crazy eyes….
But if you scream


is OK then … right?

Love Dolphins = you are awesome

Love Money = you are going to hell…

We are conditioned to think that Loving money is a “bad” thing. That money is the root of all evil… right?

  • For me Money is the door to all the awesome stuff I can do in my life.
  • Money is not having to work in an office.
  • Money means that I don’t work Fridays and spend the whole day with Dominic my 4 year old son.
  • Money means that I can travel and climb Mount Kilimanjaro and help a small orphanage to buy 10 cows.
  • Money means that I don’t need to ask permission when I go for lunch or not
  • Money means that I can help other people to make a difference in their life.
  • Money is going to Fiji and donating books, pencils and laptops to a local school in Nadi with my 2 kids helping out…

And Because I believe money is good, I feel is my right to obtain it.

I believe that money can help me to achieve the things I want and by believing that, I stop thinking of money as a currency vs. an integral part of my life that grows in abundance…

Apptrepreneurs fail in this aspect.

In the lack of understanding that this is a business and that the sooner we wake up and realize that profit, efficiency, time and our energy levels are the most crucial aspects to make our projects a success.

  • We do this because we want to feel like Rocky Balboa
  • We do this because we hate the boss, we hate that stupid office.
  • We do this because every day is a perfect day to take a flight and go to a new country with your friends or family.
  • We do this because we want to generate money with our brains, without research, with our ideas….
  • We do this because creating is better than buying….
  • We do this because we love to create our own path rather than renting someone.

Welcome to the App Income Report:

Expect tons of spelling mistakes, zero political correctness and exact transparency of how much money anyone can make with apps.

And if you want me to sell you an amazing Ebook or an amazing seminar to show you the secret? There is nothing to sell here… time to move on….


  • M.H

    Awesome read, thanks for sharing!

    • Gabriel

      Thank you for reading.

  • Steve

    Awesome post. Keep ‘em coming!

  • http://www.questlord.com Eric Kinkead

    You’re a get rich quick scam artist. Nothing you do is of worth. Even when you do post these paltry numbers. No one will remember you for great software. Just gaming the system. That is all you are about. And you’re not even really very good at that.

    • Gabriel

      The Artist to be rich needs to sell a product to become rich , that’s the theory Eric. I have nothing to sell … but thanks for reading.

  • http://www.questlord.com Eric Kinkead

    The artist is rich when such artist learns to soothe their inner urge to create. When the soul is fed through the journey they gain in artistic wealth, find that well spring and you will be rich beyond monetary measure.

    Here is your problem:

    “I don’t really LOVE apps.”

    When you can cure that, I might be able to view this differently. Until then what are you? A person who has obtained wealth, blindly trying to obtain it elsewhere for no real reason other than the hubris of believing it is expected upon him like Little Lord Fauntleroy.

    Try focusing on a quality app for a market that actually exists.

    • Gabriel

      Hey Eric; I wonder if the owner of a carpet factory needs to love carpets to make them profitable.
      Or what about your local plumber? he loves fixing your pipes… does the pizza loves pizza?

      this is not a blog about loving your product. I don’t love apps. I use them. I find them interesting. Do I think they are the most exciting thing since slice bread?
      mmm nah.

      You love your app. Great.
      I hope your love pushes your business to profit.

      I do business for profit…. that is what a business is based on = profit.

      McDonalds is not the in the business to feed the 3rd world…
      CocaCola is not in the business to produce healthy drinks
      Mortgage companies are not in the business to provide you a fair loan.

      You can try to find artistic wealth that’s nice. If you want to be the next Van Gogh of Apps go for it.
      but don’t forget my dear Eric, Van Gogh died poor as hell and without one ear. (ouch)

      For my wealth has nothing to do with money champ. I’m wealthy beyond measure and my life is simply fantastic. I hope yours is and have a fantastic 2014.

  • http://www.questlord.com Eric Kinkead

    ” I’m wealthy beyond measure and my life is simply fantastic.”

    Yes, you seem to say this often. You might be, but previous or family wealth has nothing to do with your ‘business acumen’ of marketing apps. Can you point to a case study where you have say, made profit with your theories? You don’t even have to name financials. Just name the app.

    I mean, if you compare me to Van Gogh, then you must be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars with apps. I would like to see a case study of this.

    after all… NO MORE B*LL CR*P SHALL WE?

    • Gabriel

      Eric, I compare you with Van Gogh because you believe in the artistic side of the business. I’m the owner of a carpet factory, I’m the plumber, I’m not an artist like you. I make money… I’m not sure if you really do.

      Ah, and by the way… this, making this little apps… is not my business brother: My business generates a bit more than 4 figures in 5 weeks.

      Have an awesome 2014 and I know I will see you around, because funny wise you will keep reading this, visiting what I write and and ranting… right?

  • Jorge

    Hi Gabriel!

    Very good post. Very honest with yourself and with the worldwide.

    I have enjoyed reading your article, is really awesome. Thank you.


    • Gabriel

      Muchas gracias Jorge, un abrazo.

  • sandulas

    Hi Gabriel!

    Like your posts. keep them coming.

    • Gabriel

      Thanks mate. I will…. cheers